Since ancient times the Olive leaf has been regarded as a symbol of peace, prosperity and wisdom. It was a wreath of Olive leaves that adorned the winners of the Olympic Games as a symbol of those that compete not for wealth, but for virtue. In the Abrahamic traditions, the first sign of life after the great flood was a sprig of Olive leaves brought to Noah as a symbol of humanities survival.


Modern research into the health benefits of this prolific herb has revealed one of the keys to its magic. Olive trees produce a compound called Oleuropein  which gives Olives and the leaves of the tree their signature bitter taste. It acts as an important part of the trees immune system and gives our teas anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. 


This plant is so high in anti-microbial properties...it's practically anti-establishment. 


We believe that experience creates an energetic imprint so the cultivation methods used by our suppliers are incredibly important to us. The highest quality teas are made from the highest quality herbs that have been cultivated with respect for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

We source 100% Organic and Fair Trade herbs from small farms in over 10 countries around the globe to ensure ethical farming and trade practices. Our greatest pride is in our Olive leaves which are hand picked right here in Arizona by the monks at St. Anthonys Monastery.