Meet Our Herbalist


              Tasha founded the Olive Leaf Tea Company in 2010 out of a passion for herbal medicine and a mission to make its legitimacy mainstream knowledge. She hopes to help heal the schism between science and spirituality, as they are two sides of one story.  

           At age 11 Tasha was diagnosed with Graves disease, an incurable auto-immune disorder that was (and still is) treated by radiating and/or removing the Thyroid gland. After 3 months of an herbal protocol supervised by her Naturopath at SCNM, she was a healthy child again and her Thyroid has been normal since. This experience ingrained the power of herbs in her at such an early age that spreading awareness of Earth’s remedies is practically second nature.
          After being told by conventional doctors that she would likely be infertile, Tasha has had three beautiful, healthy children that inspire her to be the best possible version of self. She is an herbalist, artist, musician, astrologer and student of life's esoteric mysteries.


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